Here's some testimonies from a few of our customers.


input from some of our customers on " Ford Truck Enthusiasts"


I do some serious towing, always heavily loaded.  My stock rotors and pads just couldn't keep up.  Installing A.R.T. rotors and pads was the best thing I've ever done to any vehicle I've ever owned.  Stopping power is phenomenal!

 They haul down my rig at highway speeds in no time, always stopping with confidence.  And when you are towing $250,000 worth of equipment, confidence is key.
Thanks A.R.T.

Mike Stilwell
Alexandria, VA


I have owned two Dodge Diesel trucks for a total of 9 years and have loved everything about them except the brakes. My ’97 was used for towing and daily driving, and the brakes never worked well, no matter what company did them. I was replacing the rotors from heat damage more than once a year! My ’98 is now my daily driver as well as my drag-race truck. I use it in all conditions: on the drag strip where it runs 11.6’s at 117+ mph, in dyno competition putting out 700+ rwhp and 1200+tq, over mountain passes, towing, city and highway driving for a total of about 25K miles per year. I was in desperate need of a brake upgrade!

       I heard about A.R.T. through the Turbo Diesel Register, my best resource for what really works on these trucks. I spoke with Pad and ordered what I needed. We installed the new slotted rotors and pads over two years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Never have they overheated (try stopping a 6500lb truck going 118mph at the end of a drag strip!), faded, or any of the other issues I’d experienced before. Even the pads lasted well over a year, and believe me I’m not nice to them even on the street!

       I can honestly recommend A.R.T.’s products to any truck owner, for any purpose. They make a superior product and I personally believe there isn’t a better braking system for our trucks on the market.

Rottin” Rhonda Kelly

Jody Wilk and his 10 second,130mph 1994 Ford F-150 Truck stopping without the aid of a parachute.


"William Fletcher has won the 4th Annual Northwest National Diesel Drag Championships at Pacific International Raceway in Seattle Washington for the 3rd time on September 16th. Best time in 2006 is 9.92 at 139 mph, and his record stands at 10.13 , 137mph in 2005.”

  • Towing my trailer I would warp my stock rotors & wear out my brake pads in 20K miles.  After installing A.R.T's rotors & pads I noticed an increase in stopping power and now have 50K miles on them and the pad & rotor are still like new.
 Scott Shaver
Torrance, CA
Road Race
  • I tried several brands of performance rotors & they all warped and cracked in just one race.  A.R.T's rotors lasted a full season, UNBELIEVABLE!
  • Robert Garcia
  • Road Race Engineering
  • Huntington Beach, CA
When racing the Baja 500, product durability is our number one concern.  A.R.T.'s rotors worked so good we're going to get some for our tow rig!
John Fyke
Costa Mesa, CA
Off Road Racing
Off Road Racing
June 18, 2002, Eric Long outlined an article on installation of our Ford Excursion brake kit.
Eric wrote: "...having had my factory rotors machined 3 times through the course of 30,000 miles, was out of options for "free repairs" beyond my 36,000 mile warranty. Brakes are considered "wear items" by Ford and as a result, are only warrantied for 12,000 miles. I had gone past 12,000 miles since my last "machining" and was given a quote from Ford for $650 to install new brake pads and machine the factory rotors. I passed" Read Eric's article