Range Rover Sport HSE Brake Installation

One year later...


Last year I purchased a new 2007 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE. It replaced my Honda Ridgeline truck when I decided I needed a little more power then the Ridgeline had to offer. However, it wasn't to long before I started reading complants from owners about the lack of brake life they were seeing on a set of brakes (6,000 to 12,000 miles). Well, these trucks are heavy but, from the signs I was seeing in the amount of dust being cleaned off the fronts brakes each weekend, I started guessing I must be a member of the 6,000 mile crowd.

I started looking around for what might be out there for these new models in the aftermarket. In short, very little. Well, not to give up so easily, I started looking around the internet forums for trucks and a possible solution. It wasn't long before I found myself in places from Ford, to Chevrolet and even Dodges all having issues with brake life. Looks like all these SUV's and trucks in general have some kind of brake issues. Many of the owners were talking about warped rotors and, like any forum there are many members giving their input as a solution. However, there was one member talking about cryogenic treated brakes. Cryogenics? Where was that coming from? I was just about ready to find another forum when curiosity got the best of me and I just had to do a search on the topic.

I was surprised to see there were a few companies out there using the technology in fabrication of molds or tooling. Well, I spend a few nights studying the topic and found a few companies working the technology into brakes but, by far the leader, at lease in the forums I visited and there are many out there, was a company in California, Applied Rotor Technology. While looking around their site, I found a link where you could request a quote for the cost of brakes for a vehicle. So, what the heck, I submitted one for my ole HSE. They responded and I decided to call them to get some more information. I spoke to Steve there and he spent the time answering my questions about what they offered in the way of brakes. When I told him I didn't like the dusting from the stock brakes he asked me where I would rate my driving habits? Easy going or some what aggressive. I told him I guess on the more aggressive side from the amount of the dust coming off these things. He suggested some options in pads one being a Carbon-Kevlar composition from Porterfield Performance but they were a little pricey. He also said customers were providing good reviews on ceramics pads as well. Frankly, I didn't know anything about the pads he was talking about but, I was keeping notes on the conversation so, after thanking him for his help, I turned to my browser again and looked up Porterfield Performance.

After looking at the [pads they offered, I thought the R-4 compound for heavy duty street use would be the ticket. I didn't want to load a set of racing pads in the ole HSE only to find that first stop in the morning a long one because the brakes where cold. After all, I maybe on the aggressive side but, I'm not racing... Anyway, a week or so later I decided to go for broke. I called ART back to order a full set of brakes for my HSE. Now, since I was considering this whole thing from the point of view the stock pads simply suck, I told Steve I wanted to use the R-4 street pads from Porterfield not their racing pads. I also op-ed for one other extras too, power-coating. I asked if they could match the silver on my HSE and they said they would give it a try. Well, a few weeks went by and I received a e-mail indicated the kits had been shipped. There were tracking numbers from UPS and their bedding process, (instructions ART uses to brake-in the pads). Well, all that was a year ago now.

I've been driving on their brakes for about 13 months now and all I can say is WOW! What a difference. I mean stopping distances, pad performance and most of all, no more dust!

Those guys weren't kidding on those truck forums, these brake work bitching! But, most of all these rotors don't show any signs of wear and I'm not kidding! I took my stock rotors off before they needed replacement but, I had just a little over 3,000 miles on them when I changed them out for the ART kits. I have a little over 19,000 miles on their rotors now and the dealer, where I take my sport for general service, said the brake looked new. What, new? I asked the service associate who was working with me how long before I would need to replace the discs from their experience? He indicated about 10,000 miles. When I told him I had over 17,000 on those rotors he gave me one of those looks you know. Heck, I don't care, We'll see who has the last laugh the next time I bring in the ole HSE for service...

Thanks guys.
Rick Anderson
Fort worth, TX

Rick's installaton project can be found here.