Shocks and Struts

While brakes are absolutely critical in stopping a vehicle effectively, other components, such as tires, shocks, and struts are routinely overlooked.

Worn shocks or struts increase stopping distance in the automotive industry, it is said that (1) worn shock or strut increases stopping distance by an average of six feet. Any shock or strut with 50,000 miles or more is considered "worn" and will increase your vehicle's stopping distance during braking,

This is due to the shock or struts inability to support the vehicle under braking causing the vehicle's front end to "nose-dive". This transfer of weight forward reduces the rear braking performance. The results is poor traction and control which makes for longer stopping distances– a formula for an accident.

New,high quality shocks or struts are designed to help your vehicle make quicker with safer stops under all driving conditions.

ART can assist you in decreasing stopping distance and increasing ride control with KYB World Class Shocks & Struts.

braking distances

Inquire about our complete ART Brake Overhaul Package and receive a special discount. Includes the following items:

  • ART Gas-Port Slotted, Cryogenically Treated Brake Rotors

  • Performance Friction Carbon-Metallic, Porterfield Carbon-Kevlar, Posi-Quiet Semi-Metallic Extended Wear, or AXXIS Ceramic Brake Pads.

  • O.E.M. Posi-Quiet Loaded or Unloaded Calipers (rebate available upon return of original caliper cores).

  • KYB MONOMAX Shock Absorbers.